Building Maintenance - The Surveying Practice, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Building Maintenance

Building Surveyors are trained to understand how your building is put together, how they work, why they sometimes don’t, and what to do about it. We will investigate your building defects, diagnose the cause(s) and help you put them right if possible.

Some problems (e.g. storm damage, burst pipes, subsidence) may be covered by your insurance policy. We can help with your insurance claim.


Having regular minor repairs prevents any nasty and costly surprises caused by short-term neglect. For example, repairing slipped roof tiles prevents any later headaches from sorting out roof leakages. Ask us about any worries you have about your property.

Planned Maintenance

Most building owners see maintenance as a necessary evil, so things get put off and problems grow more expensive. Neglected paintwork leads to rotted windows; a few slipped tiles become a major roof leak.

We will inspect your building with you, point out your maintenance issues, help you put them in order of priority, draw up an annual programme and help you to implement it.