Planning & Building Regulations - The Surveying Practice, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Planning & Building Regulations

Planning Permission

Before any of your plans can become reality, we may have to obtain Planning Permission for the works. Planning permission is required for:

  • Building works affecting the outside of the building (extensions)
  • Some building works affecting only the building's interior
  • Changes of use (even if no building work is carried out)

Listed / Conservation Area Consent

We may have to obtain Listed Buildings / Conservation Area Consent which is a joint application with the Planning Permission.

Permitted Development

It maybe that your adaptations may be termed 'Permitted Development' however for peace of mind might require of 'Certificate of Lawful Use'.

All of the above can be carried out by firstly submitting a pre application to the Local Planning Authority and opening dialogue at an earlier stage prior to submitting a full application. Please note: this approach has afforded The Surveying Practice a high success rate (approx. 95% success rate).

Building Regulations

The current edition of the regulations is the Building Regulations 2000. The regulations apply in England and Wales. Most building projects have to comply with them. Decisions about applications are made purely on technical grounds – so it's usually possible to amend plans until they comply.

The primary responsibility for complying with the regulations lies with us. However, if you're interested in finding out more, just ask us and we'll send you more details.

CDM Regulations

We will take on the Planning Supervisor role where required, preparing the pre-tender Health and Safety Plan, notifying HSE and maintaining the Health and safety file.

Party Walls

Building works near to the boundary can be stressful for both neighbours. The Party Wall Act gets people talking early and sets up a quick and inexpensive dispute resolution system.

We can organise the serving and receiving of notices, negotiate with your neighbours' surveyor and prepare a Party Wall Award, setting out your rights and protecting your interests.